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     This space-saving maisonette offers an efficient layout for living spaces and three bedrooms.

    Our 3-bedroom villas are well-configured maisonettes of 100m2, 110m2, 115m2, 117m2, 180m2 , (for conventional villas), and 112.5m2, 124m2, 138m2, 143m2, 204m2, (for traditional stone villas)

    112m2 (conventional) & 124m2 (stone built)

    This is a very distinctive design, characterised by the arches surrounding the villa. This is an element of absolute local architecture, a remainder of the Venetian domination of the island during the 15th century.


    The ground floor consists of a large living room and a big sunny kitchen. There is easy access to the big veranda and to the garden. A full size bathroom completes the facilities. In the 1st floor there are three bedrooms, two of which are master, and two bathrooms. One bathroom can be converted in such way that it becomes en-suite to one of the bedrooms. A big veranda and a balcony, totally 25m2, ensure limitless view.




    This is a two level maisonette with an internal staircase connecting the ground with the upper floor. It features a big lounge area, a dinning area, a kitchen, a utility room, at least two bedrooms, an office, a second living room, playroom one bathroom, one toilet, two balconies.



    The 69m2 ground floor apart from a big living room includes an office, a bath, a playroom, and a storage place. On the upper floor is the main big living room with an open fireplace, bath, kitchen with the dinning area, two master bedrooms and the two big balconies.



    This is a two level villa with an internal staircase connecting the ground with the upper floor. It features a big lounge room, a living room, an open fireplace, a dinning area, a kitchen, a toilet, 3 bedrooms, one bathroom, two balconies, and a veranda.

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