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    This space-saving maisonette offers an efficient layout for living spaces and two bedrooms.

    Our 2-bedroom villas are well-configured maisonettes of 65m2, 72m2, 82m2, 86m2, 90m2 , (for conventional villas), and 79m2, 86m2, 99m2, 101m2, 104m2 (for traditional stone villas)


    A two-storey stone built dwelling 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a WC, an open fireplace with a nice veranda on the ground.

    The 46-m2 ground floor consists of a compact living room with fireplace opening onto a 12-m2 veranda, an open-plan kitchen, and a small WC. This floor consists a grate master bedroom and the master bathroom.



    This stylish maisonette encompasses spacious living spaces on the ground floor and two bedrooms on the upper floor.

    A cosy living room (66m2) with fireplace opens onto a sizable patio (19 m2). Adjoining an open plan kitchen and a dining area, opposite a small bath, also has a bedroom which a bid door to another veranda (11m2) This floor consists one superb master bedroom, with private master bathroom and a 11-m2 balcony.


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