Our company is able to offer the opportunity to its customers to buy the property of their dreams with a mortgage from a Greek bank. Our company acts as a broker for 4 of the major banks in Greece.

    Mega has combined its unparalleled expertise in construction with the expertise of the banks in mortgage credit, and therefore is able to offer a unique, integrated solution to modern housing needs, based on a wide portfolio of home loan programmes providing you with a combination of secured benefits:

    • Getting a home of your own
    • Protecting your property
    • Ensuring loan repayment in the event of death or permanent total disability

    The portfolio combines maximum flexibility with competitive terms to offer you a host of MEGA -quality options tailored to your requirements and circumstances. Why not take advantage of the opportunity to get a home now?

    Getting a mortgage from a bank in Greece offers you the advantage of lower interest rates. The basic interest rate of the European Central Bank is at the time 3.00%, while the basic rate from the Bank of England is 4,50%.

    It depends on the Bank the % of the contract value that is financed. The minimum percentage is 70% and is up to 100% subject to customer status. All Banks offer a wide range of mortgages such as fixed rate loans for a pre-determined period of time, 1, 2 or even 20 years, or fixed instalment loans , a floating-rate mortgage loan in fixed instalments however much interest rates may rise. or floating rate , with a rate determined on the basis of the ECB’s base rate throughout the entire term.

    The combination of loans offered by these four banks creates a big portfolio of products and we can choose the best for our customers. Basic documentation required for the application of a mortgage is similar for every bank:

    • an application form,
    • a photocopy of identity card or passport,
    • a photocopy of tax return or clearance form or other evidence of financial position for the 3 last years,
    • tax form showing real assets position for last year.

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